~Revolutionize Retirement! Prime time for you to shine!

cs-logo-olive.jpg Psst…if you’re over 45…50…55…60…65, or even more of a Creative Sage™it’s time to kick-start a creative new life and redefine how you’ll experience your second or third act! (If you’re younger, pay attention, as some day this will apply to you—or maybe it applies to your parents or grandparents now, and you’re concerned about their quality of life.)

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Through our dynamic one-to-one, couple, and group coaching programs, we can help you innovate to be great—retire (or not) on your own terms!

Revolutionize Retirement Programs and Workshops include:

• Creative Sage™ BoomerFutures™

• Creative Sage™ New Dreams Accelerator

• Creative Sage™ Creative Transitions

• Creative Sage™ FutureSwift™

• Creative Sage™ GIVE Something Back (for professionals in transition who are interested in Social Entrepreneurship—creating partnerships with nonprofits to change the world!)

We also offer multi-generational programs so that you can enjoy a warm, creative, extraordinary life with your family members of all ages. Share your prime time with the most important people in your life!

• For those of you who have dreams of writing a book, rediscovering your inner artist or taking on a special creative project, you may also want to check our programs on this page.

• We also work with companies, trade associations, nonprofits and other agencies that serve mid-life and retirement-age clients, such as healthcare and housing facilities, wellness and recreational centers, and financial institutions, to create innovative, transitional programs and coaching. If you’re still working at an organization that offers you a retirement package, you may want to talk with your company about adding one of our pre-retirement coaching programs to complement the financial planning assistance they offer employees. Visit this page to learn about our innovation programs for companies and organizations.

So, what are you waiting for?
Contact us today if you want us to email you more information!

To set up an introductory coaching session, call us in the San Francisco Bay Area, at: 1-510-845-5510. We coach clients by phone or in person, and we work with people all over the world. It’s your prime time—grab hold of it and make it your own!

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