Kicking off a new blog with Web Content Awareness Day 2007


Don’t Miss Web Content Awareness Day 2007: An Information Celebration Right in Your Email Inbox! Get instant access to trusted service providers, advice from top web marketing experts, great offers and more. Runs Jan 9 to Feb 9. Learn more—sign up at: today. As the creator of our sister blog, The PR and Marketing Mentor, I’m one of the participating trusted advisors and service providers. As an added bonus, check out my Web Content Awareness Day 2006 articles, which I’ve imported to the “Planning PR Campaigns” category. I expanded that article and broke it into two parts, for your convenience—“Getting the Most Out of Online and Offline PR,” Parts 1 and 2. You’ll also find my new articles there, for Web Content Awareness Day 2007, within the next few weeks. Loads of great information—learn and enjoy!

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